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Mount Abu boasts of a pleasant climate throughout the year. Find out more about weather and climatic conditions of Mount Abu, India.

Mount Abu Weather

Mount Abu WeatherLocation: Rajasthan
Altitude: Around 1,220 m
Summer Temperature: 34 0 C to 23 0 C
Winter Temperature: 280 C to 110 C
Best Time to Visit: February to June and September to December

Mount Abu boasts of an extremely congenial and pleasant climate. Unlike the rest of the state, the picturesque hill resort is a perfect destination to head for during the summer vacation. This implies that summer months offer best weather conditions for the tourists, saving them from the undue heat. Besides, the monsoons and winters have their own charm. The hazy and cloudy mountains during the rainy seasons provide ideal sights for the visitors. On the other hand, cold winter nights have their own specialty as you can enjoy the slight of the season, sipping your favorite drinks amidst scenic surroundings. To know more about the climatic conditions of Mount Abu, read on.

The summer season starts from the month of March and continues up till June. Though the rest of the state bears the brunt of the harsh sun during this season, Mount Abu is quite pleasant. The average temperature at this time of the year hovers around a maximum of 340 C to a minimum of 230 C. Owing to congenial climatic conditions, summers are regarded as the best time to visit the bounteous hill resort.

The monsoon showers drench the town during the months of July and August. The average rainfall during this season is around 65cm - 177 cm. It is not advised to visit Mount Abu during this time as the frequent incessant rain spells can keep you locked indoors, thereby spoiling your trip. The humidity level also rises up, making the weather uncomfortable and sultry. However, those who wish to experience the renewed lush fauna of the place after being washed away by the rain from their window side, head on. The romantic and misty environment will woo your heart forever.

Being a hill station, the winter months are expected to be chilly. Though the weather is quite cold, it does not snatch any opportunity of enjoyment from you. The balmy climate is just perfect for honeymoon couples, who can cozy up and make some unforgettable memories sitting by the fire place. The average temperature ranges between 280 C to 110 C. It is advised to carry light woolens during this season as the climate can get chilly anytime.

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